Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back to Work

Well, I am back to work tomorrow. I hope I can wake up. I have been sleeping in for the past 10 days while on vacation and it was wonderful. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my sleep.
Today on my last day of vacation I went for 2 walks around the block and then to a late lunch with my honey bunny. Our walks are really great, Matt gets to practice his skateboarding and I get to enjoy a leisurely walk through my neighborhood.
The weather was so nice today, the perfect temperature. There were birds chirping and chattering all over the place. I love the little birdies.
I still do not have a camera to load pictures so I drew a picture of a little birdy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In a rut while on vacation

Well apparently I am in a rut......even while on vacation. I got up this morning a little later than a work day BUT here I am in front of my computer going through my email and reading news on MSN, eating cereal and having coffee, JUST LIKE A WORK DAY. I am really quite lame.

I have thought of going to the Hogle Zoo, the Red Butte Garden or the Museum of Natural History, but all those involve alot of walking. And since my right foot still bothers me after about 30-40 min of walking I do not know if that is such a good idea.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Cris! The rules are that you give 7 weird or random facts about yourself, then tag 7 more blogging friends, leaving a message on their site inviting them to play along.
I am tagging Marci and Susan! Okay, 7 weird or random facts about me:
Seven wierd things about me....
1. I sleep with a cpap machine strapped to my face at night.
2. I wrap the remote controls (for tv and stereo) in saran plastic wrap.
3. I have 5 pairs of the same kind of shorts (same color, same size, same material).
4. I dont like to get the bath rugs wet when i get out of the shower.
5. I dont like American Cheese, it tastes like plastic.
6. I bought a laptop in February for a training class i went to in Kentucky, but I have not used the laptop since I got back.
7. I have seven pairs of the same kind of pants (same color, same size, same material).
NOW who is crazy??? HUH???


hmmmm....what to write....I had a fairly decent day today. I went to have dinner at Dad & Cris's, which is always fun. I really enjoy hanging out with my family. Everyone of them is really interesting, intelligent, and fun to talk to. It got me out of the funk I was in from Saturday (a really bad day). One thing I did discover Saturday is I am going to lose it if I do not take a vacation from work. Now I just have to decide where I can go that is inexpensive and fun. BUT what is FUN? I dont have any ideas on where to go or what to do? How sad is that? I dont even know how to have a vacation. The last vacation I took I stayed home and slept in and just lounged about all day everyday, oH, and I bought a new bed. The one before that I went to Mesquite, which was fun for one night, then it was just a waste of money.
Does anyone out there in BLOG-LAND have any ideas for a vacation for me???
You can email me or you can make a comment to this blog.
Thanks for reading about my boring life. Love ya!