Friday, April 9, 2010

April already?

YES, it is April already, amazing how time flies.  I have been single for a month now and things are going well. 
I have had some fun with new friends.  I feel good because I feel like I can laugh and say what I want without fear of getting dirty looks or getting harrassed about it.
I feel like I can do almost anything. 
There are times when I feel a dark cloud come over me and get discouraged that I might never be able to lose weight, but then I am able to push it away.  Before I would have wallowed in that feeling because of the hopelessness I always felt.  I still have my moments when I almost want to be self-destructive again, but I dont want to be like that, so I am making a conscious effort to change my thinking.
There have also been a couple of times where I feel very self conscious and nervous, but I think that is just because I was in the prescence of a guy I thought was cute and nice. It has been a very long time since I have felt nervous around a guy. 
Anyways that is enough of my sappy "feelings" for now.
I will post some pictures soon, maybe.