Monday, October 20, 2008

Dont cook when hungover

If you cook when you are hung-over, your Fried Green Tomatoes could turn out looking like this.
It is the result of reading the recipe ingredients but not reading the instructions.
I read the list of ingredients and threw them all in a bowl and started mixing and I realized this isn't going to be like batter to dip the sliced green tomatoes i read more of the recipe instructions and realized all of the ingredients are supposed to be all in separate bowls, to dip the slices into and get a coating on them.
It was too late for that, so I just decided to fry up the 'dough' I had in the bowl because i thought they might be good just fried. Not really.
So then I decided they might stick to the tomato slices and I could still fry the tomato inside the 'dough'. See the pictures for the results.
Not too good.
I did find that the fried 'dough' was good with red tomatoes, so that is how I ate them.

Thanks for reading my silly blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tomato Overload

Yesterday I was worried about losing alot of the tomatoes we have on the vine due to the pending snow storm, so I picked about 125-130 of the ones that are closest to being ripe and brought them in the house and put them on the window sills and in paper bags.

I covered the ones still outside on the plants, but I have a feeling alot of them may have gotten a little too cold.
If anyone would like some tomatoes or knows how to store them in jars, please let me know.
I think we are going to have WAY too many for us to consume. I am thinking about giving some to the food bank if I cant figure out a way to store them in jars (canning).


Here is the last of the Quails for this season. These pictures were taken the last week of Sept 2008. Arent they cute little guys?