Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trip to Ely

On July 21, 2008 I had to go to Ely, Nevada to work on an Aloha system. Matt decided to go along with me.
This is one of the many preserved animals in the Hotel Nevada. This one is inside a plexiglass box, that is why you see reflections of the neon around the wolf.
The pool at the hotel we stayed at. I never got the chance to use it.
Matt enjoyed the hot tub and pool while I did my job.
You can see how the pool is inside the hotel just behind the casino area. It is a small hotel but it has alot going on.
Traveling home from Ely, Nevada. The road betweeen Ely and Mesquite is long and somewhat boring. The road between Mesquite and SLC has a few interesting sights. Like "The Tree". The leaves that fell from "The Tree".

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th/Birthday Pics

I took some photos at a BBQ we had at my moms on July 4th, but more importantly I am posting the birthday card I got in a video, it is HILARIOUS!

Pictures of my "special" family members =)

Is that pineapple or an earring?

Mom is kicking up her heels!

Karen is a silly person.

Fun for all.

Cute little Auntie Marsha!

Snow White on mine and mom's birthday cake!

Friday, July 4, 2008

My trip to Georgia..

My trip to Atlanta, Georgia was pretty good. The travel part was not so fun, but the time I spent there was fairly enjoyable. Radiant Tech Fest was the reason for going. It is 3 days of classes to learn more about Aloha software and Radiant hardware that we sell and support at POS Technologies.
The Westin Buckhead hotel I stayed in was very nice. My room even had a mini bar with liquor and snacks. The picture below shows the view of the Lenox Square mall out my hotel window.
The building in the picture below was also one that i had a nice view of out my hotel window and I found it to be very unusual and striking. I think it had trees growing on the roof.
The picture below is of the Lenox Square mall. It was a very high end mall with Macy's, Bloomingdales, Cartier, Crate and Barrel, and tons of other shops. It was huge AND it has Valet parking. HOly cow. I saw a Lamborgini parked out front along with lots of Mercedes and BMW's. Down the block from the mall was a Saks Fifth Avenue. So this whole area (Buckhead) seemed to be an affluent area. The picture below is of a statue in front of the Lenox Square mall. I thought it was cute. Below is a picture of the room at Maggiano's where we had our closing dinner for Tech Fest on Monday night.
Below are two pictures of interesting sculptures in the Atlanta Airport walkway. I think they are very cool.