Thursday, February 19, 2009

Matt was in a motorcycle accident

My boyfriend Matt took a header off his motorcycle on Wed 2/18 and is very lucky to just have a broken left wrist, broken right thumb, and some bad road rash on his lower left back, right knee & ankle. He is also very lucky that he had his helmet on because he hit his head on the pavement twice. He did have a good motorcycle jacket and big boots on so all in all we are glad he is going to be ok. The guy that rode his bicycle out into the road and stopped in front of a moving motorcycle is an IDIOT and should be in the hospital instead!
I am not a very good nurse so Matt is going to be in alot of extra pain for the next few weeks while I try to take care of his bandages.

Right knee got badly scraped. Lower back got bad road rash and left hip got badly bruised.
He finally got 1 hour of sleep in the 24 hours he spent in that hospital room.

Broken motorcycle tail light and plastic cover.

Dented and scratched gas tank.