Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time Flies

Wow, here it is August 29th, 2009 and I have not posted anything since Aug 6. Probably because I have been so dang busy with work.
I went to Logan for 5 days on Aug 14 to get the Beehive Grill installed with Aloha. It is a nice restaurant with really great food. Really great people there too. It required a ton of hours to get the database programmed with all thier food, employees and reports, then to help them learn the system in just 2 days, it was probably the fastest we have ever slammed in an Aloha system for someone before.
This past week I had to help install Aloha at the Naked Fish and then get another new restaurant called Vinto trained on thier handheld computers. It was a greuling 58 hour week.
I am hoping this coming week is going to be a little more relaxed.

Below are some pictures of my adventures in Logan.

Here is a picture of the Bluebird on Main Street in Logan, it is a cute little Restaurant that says it has been open since 1914. Here is a picture of the Persian Peacock, a cute little store on Main Street in Logan.

Here is a picture of the Cache County Visitors center on Main Street in Logan. It is a cool building.

Here is a picture of the cute little pink bathromm in my motel room in Logan, it made me feel like I was at home, because my bathroom at home has pink tile on the walls too.

Here is picture of the basement conference room where I did the training for the employees and managers of Beehive Grill in Logan.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Quails

Here is a video of the "Cutest Thing in the World".
You wont find anthing cuter, anwhere on any blog....well except on Jennifers blog. Where you will find pictures of Ellie, Allison & Wyatt.