Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

A lovely Fathers Day picnic party.

Dad got a fancy new hat.

Butch was worn out from Ellie chasing him around the yard. Ellie had fun looking through Dad's new red water bottle.

Ellie loves cake! And loves to help with the camera! CUTIE!
A funny card.

Happy Hungry Little Birds

I bought an inexpensive bird feeder and found that the perches are too small for the birds to stand on and eat out of the feeder. So I put it on the picnic table and they went crazy. That feeder was full at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day, you can see how empty it was.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Different Kind of Bird?

On Tuesday while my power was out, I was sitting out in the backyard enjoying the birdies chirping and trying to get pictures of them eating the birdseed I had put out (on the ground) a couple of days before. While sitting quietly I noticed some rustling in the grass next to the bird seeds and prepared my camera to get a picture of the "bird" is what I saw.....
After he was done having a snack he ran off down the driveway. We have seen him around our yard a couple more times since Tuesday. So I have cleaned up all the bird seed and will have to get a bird feeder to hang up off the ground and hope this stupid rat goes and finds a new place to feast.
Here is what I was really trying to take a picture of, sweet little birdies.

14 Hours Without Power

At about noon on Tuesday 6/9/09 my power went out and stayed out until about 2am. We found out during the day of the outage it was due to a broken power pole on Third East. Of course I had to get pictures of it. Here is a bit of the broken pole still connected to the power wires just dangling after they cut the rest away.
Power guys working on the pole.

Here is the pile of the power pole pieces after they took it down.

This was taken at about 5pm. The pieces of the power pole are still smoldering. I guess it was on fire at one point.

You can see that piece of the old power pole hanging in midair still connected to the power wires while the power guys are getting the new power pole ready to accept the power wires.